builder build‧er [ˈbɪldə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. PROPERTY JOBS a person or company that builds or repairs buildings:

• He called in a local firm of builders.

ˌcowboy ˈbuilder informal PROPERTY
a house builder with no proper training or official Qualifications who does work of a low standard:

• Do-it-yourself decorators and cowboy builders are ruining Britain's historic towns.

ˌcustom ˈbuilder PROPERTY
someone who builds houses that are specially designed and built for a particular customer
ˌspeculative ˈbuilder PROPERTY
a person or company that buys land and builds property in areas where they think people will want to buy it, but without having any definite orders before they start work:

• the building of a new housing estate by a local speculative builder

2. ship/​car/​bridge/​railway etc builder a company that makes ships, cars, bridges etc:

• Orders for 10 tankers were placed with NE ship builders.

* * *

builder UK US /ˈbɪldər/ noun [C]
a person or company whose job is to build things: »

Local builders and craftsmen were hired to work on the museum's restoration project.


a house/plane/road builder

someone or something that creates or develops something: team/community/career builder »

His communication skills made him a highly effective team builder and mentor.

See also CUSTOM BUILDER(Cf. ↑custom builder)

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